Comporium Bike Share

Offering Comporium employees and Rock Hill residents an easy, low-cost and healthy way to get around.



Book a Bike

Find and reserve a bike using our mobile app at in your browser, or on the bicycle itself.


Unlock a Bike

Once you’ve reserved a ride, enter your four-digit PIN code on the keypad to unlock the bike. Remember to ride safely and follow safety rules.


Enjoy Your Time

Want to stop for coffee? Press the “HOLD” button and lock the bike to any bike rack. Enter your four­-digit PIN to unlock and continue riding.


Quick and East

To end your trip, lock your bike at one of our convenient hub locations or any SCAD building marked on the map below.


Comporium Plan

For Comporium employees only


$6/Hour Overage Fee
2 Hours Free Ride Time
1 Hour Hold Time


Rock Hill Plan

Open to the public


30 Minute Hold Time


  • $5 fee for locking a bike outside the system area or dedicated rack, but within the system area.

  • $50 fee for returning a bike outside of the system area.

  • Only one bike may be reserved and/or checked out at one time.

  • Put a bike on hold before locking it to a rack to keep it in your name. The clock will still keep ticking.

  • Trips are prorated to the minute.

  • Clock starts when you reserve a bike via mobile/web.


Not near a computer? Want to reserve that last bike? You can use the Social Bicycles (SoBi) mobile application for iOS or Android to find the nearest bikes, hub locations, promotions and more.

Download the app today to get started!



Wear a helmet.

Obey all traffic laws, signs and signals.

Ride with the flow of traffic.

Stay off all sidewalks, including pedestrian walkways in the squares.

Be predictable and signal when turning. 

Yield to pedestrians.


How do I take out a bike?

First, you need to register for an account above. You’ll be assigned a 6-digit account number and you’ll get to choose a 4-digit member PIN. Find a bike on the System Map above or mobile app, and type your account number and PIN into the keypad on the back of the bike. You can also reserve a bike ahead of time from the website or mobile app, so the bike will be waiting for you – you’ll just need to type in your PIN when you arrive.

Can I reserve a bike ahead of time?

Yes, reservations can be made through the Social Bicycles mobile app or on the web 10 minutes in advance.

Do I need to take the U-lock when I ride?

Yes, always place the U-lock in the holster on the rear left side of the bike.

Can I put a "hold" on my bike while I run errands?

Yes, there is a “hold” button on the bicycle’s keypad. Press this button and lock the bike around a bike rack to take a stop without ending your ride. Once back at the bike, just press “unlock” and enter your PIN code.

How do I end a ride?

To end your ride, lock a bike to a station. Insert the U-lock into the two designated slots on the back side of the bike, pushing the lock in until it latches. Wait until you feel the click and see the “thank you” screen on the LCD display. You can end a ride by returning your bike to any station with an open rack – you don’t have to bring it back to where you picked it up, making it ideal for one-way trips. Find available docks on the System Map or mobile app. 

How can I make sure the bike is locked?

Confirm by tugging the U-lock in both directions to make sure it is latched. Look out for the “Thank you” screen on the LCD display above the keypad.